About us

Hunter Alaska llc. was initially formed as a seafood wholesale company based in Sitka, Alaska by captain and dive fisherman Hunter Dempster.


After years of fishing and diving in the harsh winter waters of Alaska Hunter turned to flying.

By a twist of fate and luck the path of aviation led Hunter and his family to Pensacola. It was through this turn of events that a close knit community of aviators welcomed and accepted the wayward fisherman pilot into their ranks. Over the years Hunter trained and worked between the Pacific Northwest and Southeastern United states meeting people and making friends along the way.

As time passed Hunter became an Instructor pilot contracted with the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard in Gulf Shores, Alabama. He spent his days teaching and nights working in a local flight school helping with maintenance, flight testing and acquisitions of various aircraft.

Eventually the path transitioned into Airline Transport broadening his network even further.

It was at this point Hunter Alaska llc was pulled from the shadows, dusted off and repurposed. After getting calls from multiple friends and colleagues about the difficulties of selling/buying/finding aircraft. Hunter began to help by networking with friends former students and professional colleagues.

After multiple successful experiences hunteralaska.com was brought online as outreach helping to bridge gaps in the industry.